Satyendra Kumar Dubey (1973 - 2003)

Shame on CBI, Media and IITians

Please Sign petition for demanding justice in Satyendra Dubey case

Before being selected for Indian Engineering Services(IES), India's top engineering bureaucracy, Dubey use to work at the Ministry of Surface Transport in Delhi.

Then once he called Police when some one offered him bribe.

He joined, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in July 2002.

Aurangabad-Barachatti section of National Highway 1 (The Grand Trunk Road), was part of the Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) Corridor Project, Dubey was working as the Assistant Project Manager at Koderma, Jharkhand. This highway under Prime Minister Road project aimed to connect the metros of the country by four-lane limited-access highways totalling 14,000 km, at an overall cost more than USD 10 billion.

While working on the Project, he made the contractor re-build six kilometers of under-quality road and that was a towering loss to road contract mafia. Also he got the contractor to suspend three engineers as they were responsible for financial irregularities.

He discovered that the firm, Larsen and Toubro, which originally got the contract for GQ, was subcontracting the work to low-technology groups(controlled by the local mafia).

He reported it to his boss,NHAI Project Director SK Soni and to Brig Satish Kapoor, in writing but there was no action taken.

Satyendra was receiving several threats for the actions he was taking against corruption at Koderma.This has also being revealed in the FIR launched after his murder. In a FIR filed by CBI regarding the same case,CBI named both Soni and Kapoor.

As people didn't appreciate his effort to stop corruption in NHAI project, he was transferred to Gaya in August 2003.

Though he didn't stop there and took a Departmental test and now qualified for Deputy General Manager and so was eligible to work as Project Director. And he was expected to take this job at NHAI project.

Many people didn't wanted him there and they could have easily gone to a extent to murder him.

Its not only the people who didn't wanted him to report corruption, but there are bigger flaws in it. He wrote a letter to then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari and requested to keep it as a secret as the letter claimed many high official names, but the letter was directed to "Ministry of Road transport".

What will we like to call it? How can this mis-handling be done at PM's office?
And as was expected, Satyendra was rebuked by vigilance of NHAI for contacting PM directly.

We hear a lot of protocols to be followed at office.We are only allowed to contact just superiors to us, but what when these superiors are to be complained about? How to inform others there incompatibilities, corruptions and other problems.

Satyendra was shot,while on his way back home in a Rickshaw,from Gaya Railway Station on 27th November 2003.

The case was handed to CBI:
-CBI got the Rickshaw puller as he stole the cell of Shri Satyendra.

Now comes the real watch time stories(nothing better to say then this) After investigating the Rickshaw puller, CBI came to a conclusion that he is not involved except in the Cell phone theft and released him and to everybodies surprise, he is missing since then. Did this statement, really surprised you? He could have been the eye witness.Instead of taking him in custody or providing protection,he was just left on his own.It raises a CBI really that smart? Can we trust on CBI's capability? Even a kid could have come up with the importance of that Rickshaw puller but CBI didn't.And where were Fastest news channels of India then?

Sheonath Sah and Mukendra Paswan,two suspects, were found dead from poisoning on February 1, 2004 and then it had been only 25hours of CBI questioning. Though Sheonath Sah's father reported FIR against CBI and Bihar police ,but CBI Director Umashanker Mishra declared the deaths a suicide. Now the question is: If it was a suicide,how these suspects managed to get poison while in custody? When inquiries for Satyendra Muder Case was taking months how CBI reached to the conclusion that it was suicide in just few days?And where were Fastest news channels of India then?

CBI charged four persons on September 3, 2004. Are we reading it right.. Sep 3,2004. It took CBI 10 months from actual incident to conclude? Again the same question is CBI capable?

If we read further,there will be no doubt that CBI is not capable to handle any case, as CBI concluded Satyendra's murder was a attempt of Robbery.

Did CBI really worked on the case? Did CBI didn't understand the importance of Satyendra's letter to PM or his action against corruption or is this only a public's views because even a dumber reading the murder can connect these things.

And this is not all, here is more amazing things to come about the case.

Suspects fools CBI and escapes. This is not new for this case.

It has been six years now and still CBI could not punish the culprits and above all they escape, and who do CBI think are escaping , oh yes the robbers!! (as Satyendra was shot dead by robbers),Isn't it?

Not even CBI, we have India's news channels, which always claim to bring new first,fast and conclusions to cases and whatever it takes they present the real news....Did media also could not figure out the mystery?

We will not say that media didn't play any responsible role at all,it did. But it was then and role played is not a aim succeded. Media works on a hot wok. After a while, when IITians,who played a big role in getting petition signed ,slowly and gradually there are few on the finger to talk about it.

Satyendra has not received justice. Why IITians, media stopped trying?
Who started the Petition for Satyendra? Do they even read,what people comment? Here are some comments by people who signed petitions and we can really be sure the one who started the petition is dedicated and trying hard to get justice for Satyendra:

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If you want to fetch justice,do it right. What the hell is on your petition? And are you even looking back to what people are signing? OR are you just interested in "Ads by google"? Making money on Satyendra's petition, this is what is expected from IITians?

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