Hunger-Still not dealt issue in India

Hunger and unemployment has increased in past two-three year throughout India. This is the same time duration when India has declared food surpluses.

India, with 45 millions tonnes of unsold excess stock of grain, was bursting with stories waiting to be told. Most of them are still waiting.

35 percent of India's population is considered low-income and food-deficit. Approximately 50 percent of the world's hungry live in India.
When there is no food, so nutritional food is a dream and so is the health. Henceforth maximum pregnant women (aged 15 to 49 years) are malnourished and anemic. Anemia result in 20 percent of infant mortality. Half of the under five age of children are severely malnourished.
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Indian Politicians yet not considerate about the hunger but they are about there votes. And as the past lay road,they walk on it and try keep getting attention raising such issues for their votes and not voters.

Hunger death cloud over Belpahari
Many reasons prevails for death in India but mainly they point aout there finger to :
-very high level of deprivation in the areas,
-extensive crop damage
-inadequate income levels
-insufficient relief measures

Corruption is visible in all sections in India. Even if you want to work or donate to a NGO, you need to first investigate which NGO is fruitfully working. As many or say maximum of the NGO are created to Earn profit forgetting the real meaning of NGO. NGO is like a mushroom crop in India. Still so substantial work done.

When there are so many NGO's, so many politicians and about not less than a 100 news groups, how many have you found talking and really working on hunger!!

In Chhatisgarh, a tribal area, eat raw insects and many make grass chapatis as they can never afford the food which we eat daily.

What are the contributions by India Govt in this regard?

Which are the NGO's with real result in India?

How many people are now counted under "food-secured" ,since and if Indian govt has laid the plans?

Why is still there no commuting between many places?

Why food, medical services and other necessities still don't reach at the required places?

Why Media don't make this a prime issue?

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