Hindu Terrorism ? Is that what it is?

Six Hindus have been arrested and charged concerning the bombings that killed five people in western India last month. Police investigating the two attacks on September 29 said the members were part of a group of extremist Hindus with links to the youth wing of the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India's main opposition party.

Not like to go in every detail about it as many news articles are on net if someone wants to read about it.

Ok! everybody knows a Sadhvi and a Army person is said to be involved in the bomb blast. And they are Hindu and so called 'Hindu Terrorism'

We never heard a word like "Muslim Terrorism" ,what is this about "Hindu Terrorism"?

It has been three to four decades since when we are hearing about Terrorism in India : Punjab, Kashmir, Delhi, Mumbai, Assam,Bangalore,Gujarat. Who can defend that those bomb blast were done by Muslims.

At the time of Babri Masjiz, many hindus reacted back and that was when all the things got worse.

Godhra! delt very wrongly by Lallu Yadav as he wanted to kick off Shri Modi for it , he then blamed Mr.Modi to provoke Hindus and support in terrorizing Muslims.

Now the Malegaon Blast, done by Hindus is creating a big havoc

What is common in all these is, "Reaction by Hindus". When something happens Politicians, reporters, news papers are filled with news of condemning it or searching for who did it and who is after it?

When Hindu reacted, everyone is just pissed off. Why?

Why is Hindu Terrorism wrong? Why can't Hindus react for something which has been going wrong from decades? Are Hindus just made to bear what all happens to them?

We strongly feel Hindu do have a right to react and trying to keep themselves safe.

The people who are arrested should be released as they didn't do anything wrong. If Police and Politicians were able to find the real terrorist and make India safer for Hindus, none of the Hindu will have to go and do a bomb blast.

The thing which comes in mind here is, there have been thousands of bomb blast and hardly anybody gets caught or even if they get caught, bomb blast never stops,which states, Police and Politicians never reach the real people but then a single bomb blast by Hindus and everybody is caught!??

Don't it points to something lacking in Police in convicting other terrorist,the non-hindu terrorist? Why Politicians just didn't condemn the bomb blast and forgotten it as they do other bomb blast?

Recently there have been few good movies which state the current status of mind and thought , must watch movies "A Wednesday" and "Shoot at Sight"

What you say about it? If Hindus react to all what had been going from decades is it wrong?

Salutes to the Army Person, who thought of performing his duty to India/Indians safe not all on Indian Border but also in city like Mumbai.

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