Bharat Bandh- Income bandh

Price hike effects everybody, this statement is false in itself.

Price hike only hurts common man, and helps politicians to catch some limelight.

The person who declared the price hike is a politician, and he is directly effecting us.The person, who is opposing price hike,his deeds were appreciable,but "Bharat Bandh" could never have been the correct way to do it.

Poor people who works on daily wages, hardly earns to buy his needs. With the price hike,he is badle effected but by "Bharat Bandh", you also snatched his today's earnings.

There should be a proper thought over way to oppose a govt. issue, that too it should not increase problem in life of a common man.

Bus bandh, train bandh, airplane bandh, naukri bandh...this could mean 'food bandh' for the day for some poor families.

Riots and breaking the public property, again directly impacts the public and not anybody else.

Why always,way of protest has to be "Bharat Bandh" when it has more disadvantages over advantages.

There can be other ways to oppose as:
-Politicians will not use vehicle that day, oppose the Govt. by not using facilities given by Govt.
-Politician will have fast- remember Gandhi ji's Satyagrah and will arrange for non-stop food supply for a day for poor people
-Politicians will buy grocery and sell it to poor people at half rate on that day -That day, respective politicians of the city will pay the commuting rent for the Common man going for work.
-Following the footstep of Lal Bahadur Shashtri, Politicians will boycott grocery shopping and will open a non-stop food service for poor people.

Price Hike should be opposed in a manner where the responsible Govt should feel ashamed and common man has nothing to loose but benefited.

Bharat Bandh - Naukri Band- Income bandh

If you want to do something good for common man, then it should not be on common man's expense.

Oppose Price Hike- Don't ignore the Common Man

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Shayari said...

loss from Bandh is calculated & circulated by the Govt,But why not calculate loss of country & we people by Coal Scam,2G scam,CWG scam,Robert badera scam,present Helicopter scam salmascam at ferrukhabad etc uncounted scams done by persons of govt ?but all are shameless & morality is not in the dictionary of Govt