Rang De Basanti / Halla Bol

Have you seen the movies displayed on title??

Did you like it??

Was there any message in movie??

Has that affected Indians??

We can't say about "Hallo Bol" but Yes! after Rang De Basanti , many a times we have seen in news that people are reacting and protesting my lighting candle, whether it was Jessica Lal's case or recent Professor Sabarwal Case.

What about Halla Bol? It didn't leave any impact on anybody? Still people don't want to react if something wrong happens.

Is the reason that people "Don't Care" ? Or is the reason that Police treatment /punishment differ on your economic conditions. If you are Rich or related to Politicians ,you are punished less or even if punished you get time and plan to escape where as a Normal Indian if caught, can't be rescued.

There is lot of corruption in Police Department.

First of all , Police should be freed from the Political Power.

Second step should be ,to increase pay scale for Police officials. A constable hardly earns money to run his family.

We have heard about Police groups, but do they really take care?? Do they provide necessary help when needed? Or is corruption there also?

If you have seen both the movies mentioned above, don't forget there lesson and also try to implement them. If you have not seen watch them and try to figure out, discuss it.

Lets make it a better place, better Country, not for others but for ourselves.

Lets oath to reduce Corruption.

If you can provide, please provide Police Welfare group, website,email and contact address.

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