Rs 907.71 crores - River Ganga

River Ganga, is treated as Goddess in India.

It starts from Gangotri Glacier in Uttrakhand(one of the most beautiful state of India) from central Himalayas and feeds in to Bay of Bengal through deltas in Sunderban.

Its about one million square kilometers long. It plays a substantial role in economy of India and Bangladesh because of the fertile soil of Ganges Basin.

While traveling long way from her origin to Sunderban, Ganga collects lots of waste,namely:
-Human waste
-Bones and ashes
-Dead bodies
-60,000 persons ritually bathe daily in the Ganga
-Animal waste
-Lot of Human created waste

Reasons can be many to add the waste. Result is the same these are added to Ganga.

Not to forget, many people have bath in it and many-many use the water for drinking purpose.
UN Climate report,2007, has reported that Gangotri Glacier will disappear by the year 2030 and then Ganga has to depend only on the seasonal monsoon rains.

As always, its not that India government is not thinking about it,they have come up with many suggestions and plans, still not implemented.

I even don't understand, when Ganga is a holy river - Why are chemicals and Sewage allowed in to it? and where are all highly reputed people who talks about Holy Ganga,when these things are done?

Ganga Action Plan or GAP was a project mainly began after the survey of situation in 1979 by Late Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi. After five years of study Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) presented two reports.

Point to notice here is - CPCB took five long years just to present two reports,that too just for the plan to clean Ganga.

Then project began in December 1984 and after spending around Rs.907.71 crore in a span of 15yrs, this project is declared a major failure.

One of the reason is corruption. And second could be unawareness,which no one have thought about.

Here again point to think about is - It took Government (as project was 100% centrally sponsored scheme)
-15yrs , and
-Rs 907.71 crores
to declare it a failure??

Why 15yrs delay and why such a big expenditure on a project which has produced no result.

If Ganga was not cleaned , where did this Rs 907.71 crore went?? Who is responsible? Who is investigating for it??

And what are the real plans being taken for Ganga??

Media comes up with so many news...why has media yet not intervened in this matter and searched/inquired/investigated for GAP??

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